Civil Rights and Racial Justice Trip — November 9–13, 2021

A multi-racial group of 20 people from the Burlington area are planning a Civil Rights and Racial Justice trip in November.

WHY are we going?

  • To learn more deeply about our country’s history of racial terror in an effort to understand the ways that racism manifests itself today.
  • To be on holy ground where Civil Rights activists risked (and many gave) their lives to move our country towards greater racial equity in many forms.
  • To grow together in our personal and collective commitment towards antiracism within the Christian faith and in our community.

The trip is supported by, but not limited to, members of First Presbyterian Church Burlington. The planning team consists of Loy Campbell, Ron Shive, and Tony Foriest. Every participant must be fully vaccinated for Covid-19 at least two weeks prior to the trip. We will be traveling in two 15-passenger vans and will be together in a group for most of the trip.

Additional questions? CLICK HERE.

Contact Loy Campbell at or 540-250-2446.