This is the Season of Gratitude and Generosity — #givingnotgivingup  

I recently listened in on a webinar “Talking About Money During the COVID-19 Crisis.” True, it’s hard to actively be asking people to give when hardship, doubt, uncertainty and fear abound. But the interesting point of this webinar is that in times of trouble, there is usually an opportunity to review, renew, reinvigorate, etc., such that we emerge better than we were before. Or, as it was put to us in the webinar, “How can our lives during this pandemic become opportunities to grow in the stewardship of our resources so that we become even more vibrant witnesses to Christ?”

If there is anything positive to come out of this pandemic, it may be that we have a moment to examine and become even more committed to what really matters: growing in our faith. Part of our faith includes honoring God by sharing our blessings. The call for your generosity will never cease, even in this uncertain time. But your generosity matters a great deal to those who are in need, and it matters equally as much to each of us as we evaluate our own faith journeys.

Why not make giving to FPC-Burlington automatic? Set up a regular, online bank draft so your offering/giving is deducted regularly. Contact Lacey Way in the church office or your banking institution with any questions.

To give online, click here. You may also mail your offering to the church:

508 West Davis Street  Burlington, NC 27215.

Thank you for being generous!

Stephanie Williams

Gratitude & Generosity Chair