Lenten Wednesday Worship

Lenten Wednesday Worship 

FPC will live stream the Lenten Wednesday Worship on our Facebook page at 11:30 a.m. This will only be viewable by Facebook users at https://www.facebook.com/fpcburlington/

You can also view this service on our Live Streaming page here: https://fpcburlington.org/live-streaming/

Please do not come to Williams Chapel. There will be no in-person service except for staff members.

Lenten Wednesday Worship — Seven Deadly Sins

March 18: Lust — Bob Ellis (Link to video of this service)

March 25: Greed — The Rev. Randy Wellford (Link to video of this service)

April 1: Gluttony — Frank Covington (A video of this service is archived on our Live Streaming page.)

April 8: Sloth — Ron Shive: here is a link to the hymns for this service: