Peru Reflections

from exchange student Samantha Hall

It was amazing to go to another country and see and experience a whole new way of living. As I spent more time there learning new things every day I realized how spoiled we can be sometimes. When I realized they shower in cold water,I imediately thought about how I complained at home about not having enough hot water that one day and how people there have to shower everyday in cold water. Living a peruvian lifestyle for a month definitely made me more grateful for everything God gives me. And how fortunate I am, and before complaining about maybe not getting that new shirt I wanted or the new iPhone that came out I think twice. I think about how some kids complain about way more important things like not having enough to eat. I think about all the people I saw on the streets in Peru without homes or food or water. And the new Nike sneakers that I wanted for back to school don’t seem so important anymore. So in a huge way it changed my perspective on life….. here in the US I was having some issues in school and I was so excited to go to Peru and just have a get away from everything going on. I was so relieved and happy when I got to Annie soper and it was just completely amazing to meet so many incredible people. I remember my first day,some of Mafers friends came right up to me introduce themselves pulled up a seat next to their desk and made me feel so comfortable. I was just amazed by how close everyone was to each other, the whole school was like one huge family. Everyone was so nice to each other and that really made me happy to see that there wasn’t any social groups like there are here. The most important thing I got out of my trip was the strong relationship I gained with Mafer. She is the sister I have always wanted and I miss her more everyday. I hope and pray that God helps make it possible for me to return next year to continue learning and adventuring.