Summer Worship Series, 2019

“If Jesus Came for Dinner to Your House, What Question Would You Ask Him?”

During the summer months, our worship services will focus each week on one of the questions church members submitted in response to the question, “If Jesus came for dinner to your house, what question would you ask him? We received an array of questions from young and old alike. As you can see, we welcome two guest preachers to this series, Carrie Tuttle and Amanda Anderson, both of whom you know well. The following is our schedule for both the preacher-of-the-week and the question that will be addressed.

Join us this summer as we wrestle together with some probing questions.

June 2 — Graduate Sunday — Ron Shive: Jesus, Why did you choose my house to visit?

June 9 — Pentecost — Ron Shive: Jesus, What is this Ghost you keep talking about?

June 16 — Carrie Tuttle: Jesus, Can you help me clean my room?

June 23 — Ron Shive: Jesus, How would you solve the Israel-Palestine Conflict?

June 30 — Taylor Barner: Jesus, How would you treat a LGBTQ person?

July 7 — Amanda Anderson: I’m American, what are you?

July 14 — Ron Shive: Jesus, Why can’t people in America have peace with each other?

July 21 — Ron Shive: Jesus, Why do Christians allow white supremacy to run rampant?

July 28 — Ron Shive: Jesus, Is there really a hell?

August 4 — Taylor Barner: Jesus, Has humankind made any progress since you were here?

August 11 — Carrie Tuttle: Jesus, Would you say you have a sense of humor?

August 18 — Ron Shive: Jesus, Is God there when I pray? Is God really there?

August 25 — Festival Day — Ron Shive: Jesus, Do I really need to go to Sunday School?