Two Local Mission Opportunities During the COVID-19 Crisis

Two Local Mission Opportunities During the COVID 19 Crisis 

Both of these opportunities have been whole heartedly embraced by the Local Missions Committee and the Session.

a) We Reached Our Goal!

Thank you for helping us meet the needs of the families of Andrews Elementary School who live with food insecurities. Because of your generosity, we have met our goal and no longer request donations at this time. Also, thank you to our shoppers and packers as well as our partners in this ministry, Burlington Masjid and Ebenezer UCC of Burlington.


b) Feed the Hungry Food Collection

You may have seen on the front page of the Times-News this past Sunday, that the need for food in our community is greater than ever. This is not surprising, considering all the jobs that are being lost.  As the newspaper article noted, one of the primary providers of food in our county is the Salvation Army, and our church is one of the important resources for their food.  Unfortunately, at a time when we need to increase our donation of food, it has actually declined. And this is not surprising either, since most of us are staying home and limiting our time at the grocery store, all of which we should be doing. But the need is greater than ever, and this is one way in which our church can still reach out to help those in need. We have set one of the food boxes outside the church entrance adjacent to the main parking lot, and all you have to do is drive by and drop off your donation. So, the next time you are at the grocery store, maybe you can put an extra couple of cans (vegetables, fruit, meat, etc.) or packages of dry food (cereals, pastas, beans, rice, coffee, etc.) in your cart and drop it off on the way home.  Thanks for doing whatever you can!!