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Baptisms, Weddings, and Funerals


Baptism is a response to God’s grace and care. The Sacrament of Baptism is a sign and seal of forgiveness of sin, engrafting into Christ’s church, and the gift of new life and identity as a part of God’s household. Baptism in the Presbyterian Church is received only once. Parents are encouraged to present their children for baptism without due haste but without undue delay. Parents should contact one of the ministers after the birth of a child so that appropriate planning can be made. The parents and the ministers schedule the baptism at a time that is convenient for all. Infant baptism involves a serious commitment from the parents and also from the congregation who pledges to support and nurture the child being baptized. Baptisms, therefore, are a part of the Sunday morning worship services. Contact Ron Shive to discuss the baptism of your child or your own baptism and profession of faith.


The Christian wedding is a blessing and one of life’s sacred rituals. The wedding service is a corporate act of worship, which is planned in conjunction with a minister of the church, a wedding consultant, and the Organist. Complete guidelines and policies concerning weddings at First Presbyterian Church are available here or by contacting Ron Shive.

Click here to download a pdf of the wedding booklet.

Funerals – A Service of Witness to the Resurrection

The Service of a Witness to the Resurrection is service of worship for the community of faith to walk with the departed as she or he makes the journey from this life to the life eternal. It is an opportunity to give thanks to God for the life of the deceased and for all the ways that she or he graced our lives; to confront our grief at the loss of one that we loved; and to embrace our sure and confident hope in the resurrection to life everlasting. The booklet, Witness to the Resurrection: A Planning Guide to Services at First Presbyterian Church, is available in the narthex or by calling the church office. It is a guide to the planning of a service for the Witness to the Resurrection. Click here to download a pdf of the booklet. Contact Ron Shive  concerning funerals.

Columbarium and Memorial Garden

First Presbyterian Church’s Columbarium, Fonville Memorial Garden and a garden in honor of Nan Perkins are located close to the east entrance of the narthex along Maple Avenue. Members of the congregation may reserve space for themselves and their family in the columbarium or arrange for memorial plaques for those with connections to the church. Information about prices and reservations may be obtained by contacting Tori Stadler.