Your Family Immigration Story

Tell us your family story!

Have you ever researched your family history?  I decided to do the Ancestry DNA to find out from where my family comes.  It was very surprising!  I thought we were mostly German as my great grandparents were from Germany.  But, it turns out, that most of my family is from England/Wales and Norway.  My mother found out that she has some Native American ancestry that also showed up in my son’s DNA results.

It is so fun to find out our history and the reasons why our ancestors came to this land.

To kick-off our program year in September we will have an engaging talk about immigration.  To help us better understand the full scope of immigration, I invite EVERYONE to participate by filling out the form on Telling Your Family Immigration Story.  Tell me where your ancestors are from and any interesting stories about their journey.

We will put a large map in the Black and White Hallway.  When you send in your information, we will put your info on the map.  We will take photos and video of them map and share those with you so that you can see the diversity represented in our church family.

Peace,  Charlotte Nance-Allbright, Director of Christian Formation and Education


Instructions for filling out the form (below) for Your Family Immigration Stories:

  1. Use one form per ancestor family, and fill out as many forms as you wish!
  2. “Through” might mean “Ellis Island” or “Canadian border,” for instance or it could be the maritime port or airport where they landed.
  3. “By” means what mode(s) of transportation did they use: for example, “on foot through French Alps, train to Nantes, then a ship to the U.S.”
  4. “Difficulties trying to immigrate” means what problems they encountered in trying to get to the U.S. from their original home.

Use “N/A” if you don’t know or if the question is non-applicable.

Please feel free to send a picture of your family member(s) to include in our chart in the Black & White Hallway.  If you mail in your form and picture, please make sure your picture is a photocopy and not the original.

Telling Your Family Immigration Story