Music is an opportunity to enhance and support the word being preached. The hymns are carefully selected to reflect each part of the worship experience. Some of the music will tug at your memories. Other sounds will deliver something new to your ears.


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Music provides an opportunity to get involved and be connected to your faith community. We have choirs for all ages and experience levels — from kindergarten to adult. Some people grew up singing in a choir, others are trying it for the first time. We are all here because we love to sing and enjoy the challenge of making great music. We’d love to have you join us.


How often do the childrens’ choirs sing at Sunday worship?2022-05-26T16:44:59+00:00

Our children’s choir is made up of singers kindergarten-grade 5.  They sing in worship about once a month during the school year.

When are choir practices held?2022-08-08T19:40:58+00:00

We have several different choirs that meet at different times of the week. Our Chancel Choir is for college students and adults; our Children’s Choir is for students in kindergarten through fifth grade; and our Carillon Choir is our handbell choir for high school students and adults. Please visit our calendar for the most up-to-date information on each of these choir practices.

I’ve never been part of a choir before. Are you sure there is a place for me?2022-03-16T18:47:08+00:00

Absolutely. Our Chancel Choir is made up of people ages 20-80 years old and all experience levels. If you want to dip your toe in the water, consider joining our Summer Choir. This group meets each Sunday morning prior to worship at 9 am to learn the anthems for the day. Our musical standard of excellence is maintained, but the music is easily learned in one rehearsal. This is a wonderful way to lend your voice in worship, explore singing in the choir, and enjoy the fellowship of other musicians.

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