Muddling through all the changes that occur in middle school and high school can be hard work!

We create a safe learning environment for young people to have fun, destress, and take their natural next step in their walk of faith. We build a community that sets the stage for vulnerable relationships and bold questions so youth can make faith their own.

Sunday Nights

are Youth Nights (September–May)

A time to learn. A time to laugh. A time to have fun. A time to just be. Our Middle School (5-6:30pm) and High School (6:00-8pm) Youth Groups connect on Sunday evenings and everyone is invited. No registration required — just show up and join your friends in the fun. Activities, games, and practical discussions through the lens of scripture are all things you can look forward to.

The Breakfast Club


Our high school crew meets a couple times a week during the school year to fill their bellies and their minds before the first bell. Join Youth Pastor Taylor Barnes for discussion, devotion, and “dough” before heading to school this week.

Tuesdays at 7:30 am
@ Biscuitville (S. Church St.)
Wednesdays at  7:00 am
@ Skid’s (W. Haggard Ave.)


I’d like my child to participate in some of the youth activities, but the cost is prohibitive. Do you offer financial assistance?2022-05-26T16:07:56+00:00

We don’t want finances to be the reason your child can’t participate. Please contact Taylor Barner (TBarner@fpcburlington.org) to request support for any MS or HS related activity or trip.

Are there any summer mission trip opportunities for youth?2022-05-26T16:06:49+00:00

Yes! A group of high school students take a trip in June/July. Some of the places we’ve traveled include Nashville, Pittsburgh, Tuscon, Mexico, and Belize and many more. We include regional, national, and international locations to give our youth increased awareness of the larger world in which they live. Trip dates and costs vary depending on location. For our middle school youth, we offer a local hands-on service opportunity throughout the year.  Please contact Taylor Barner (TBarner@fpcburlington.org) for more information.

Do you have to be a church member to attend youth activities?2022-04-12T17:55:01+00:00

Non-members, members, new to church goers — everyone is welcome!

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